Friday, June 24, 2011

Excuse Me?

Let me preface this a bit. I was looking around for different salons in my area because I wanted to get a sew in weave so I can stop manipulating my hair so much. Of course I turned to Google as well as some business cards that I received from a natural who drew my blood at a doctors office. While on google, I stumbled upon a place that promises to do a quick sew in, for an affordable price.... so of course I decided to investigate the site a little further.

When I look at a salon's website, I look for several things: If the site is easy to navigate, if it looks like no time/money was spent on developing it, the salon policy. The first two on this site were ok, they passed my standards. However, the policy... as I read through the bullet points, I saw something that made me give the O_o face.

I tried to make it larger but for those that can't see it, the two bullets say:
  • "________ is not responsible for sensitive scalp, abrasions, or sores due to weaving process"
  • "We are not responsible for hair loss due to a weave or quick weave taken out and removed outside of _______. We recommend that you have this service done professionally at our shop."

I won't mention the name of the salon to maintain their privacy or what have you mean to tell me, you're not responsible for the state of my head due to the weaving process..... yet you are the ones providing the service and completing the style? What kind of methods are you using?! Why are stylists being that rough with someones hair that you have to put this kind of disclaimer on your site? This tells me that you just hire anyone and everyone to do a weave in this establishment. The problem with this is that this makes people think tension headaches are normal. Well guess what, they're not. That is your hair and scalp being pulled as tight as humanly possible. If you keep doing this over and over, that part of your hair may not grow back because of the repeated damage. You're not "tender-headed," you're head and scalp are being mishandled and you need to get out of that chair and run like hell! Ladies and gentleman, please take the time to research a reputable salon and ask tons of questions. Don't just go somewhere to have a style done because its cheap. It some cases, it may cost you more then you think.  

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Makes you think twice about that "Cheap and Easy" sew in place huh?

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