Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Just Let It Grow

Left taken a month ago, right around Christmas
I've been dying, frying, and more. I've been natural a little over three years now. Chopped once to start and another time to get rid of heat damage. In addition, my hair has literally been every color of the rainbow to include blue, purple, red, maybe even a step under blonde or so. Last year I decided against heat. I made it until winter which wasn't bad. this year, I decided not to dye. I haven't seen my natural hair color since I was probably 18 (I'm 25 now) so its time to get back to it.

My ultimate hair mini goal this year is to reach shoulder length and my 2 year goal is to reach BSL length. My last trim was in November and due to my hair being protected, I won't need another until mid-April. I used to trim excessively so stretching them out to twice a year should suffice.

I dyed my hair black to assist with my own little protective styling challenge so I wouldn't have trouble matching up hair for braiding.The hardest thing I've ever done was just leave my hair alone. I love trying new style, new techniques but it go to a point that I loved to do it daily or couldn't keep up with the maintenance plus I was damaging my hair in the process so it was definitely time for something different. Below are a few styles that I've been rocking since January. Can you tell which is my favorite?


Senegalese twists

It was a snow day, I was feeling myself, don't judge!

I'm loving the faux fro action. This style takes me about 3-4 hours to do and I braid less than half an inch and just two strand twist for a half inch and let the ends of my hair just blend the with rest. extremely low maintenance for me while not having that "my fro is put away" feeling.
Picture courtesy of CurlyandLovely

This was the brand of hair I used. It can usually be found at the beauty supply store right next to the Marley braid hair and retails around $6-8 a box. For my head, I bought two and only used half of the second pack. The hair is synthetic so I HIGHLY recommend you let it soak in a mix of ACV and water to remove the coating on it since it can cause an allergic reaction to the scalp and skin. As I try more styles, I'll post more pics.

**All styles were done by myself and were taught to me by Youtube University lol**

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