Sunday, January 18, 2015

Red to Blues

I keep lying to myself saying I'm not going to dye my hair but when I get bored with twist outs and wash and go's, the first thing I turn to is color. Before,my hair was burgundy for the summer. I used L'oreal Hi-color Highlights permanent dye with a 30 developer, fast forward about.....3-4 months later, I wanted something drastically different. With that said...

Red is one of the HARDEST colors to remove from hair!!! The molecules of the dye are much bigger than other colors so once its there, its there until it fades out to a dull red or you remove it somehow. i wanted a splash of blue with the remainder of my hair being closer to my natural color. This process would take a lot out of someone's hair so all of this was NOT done in one day but over the span of five days.

I started with a soap cap on WET hair (a mix of bleach, developer, 30 developer, and shampoo left on for 20 minutes) to lift to the second panel which basically squished as much red out as possible. After rinsing and lightly towel drying, I applied a heat protectant in order to dry my hair to prepare for bleaching*. To get to the third color, I bleached with a 40vol developer for 15 minutes on DRY, blown out hair then rinsed and shampooed but did not condition.
Finally, just applied  on “Aquamarine” by Adore and leaving that on for an hour or so mainly because its a semi permanent. It only deposits color so this particular color won't damage your hair in any way. Keep in mind, it will stain everything so make sure to lay down something to prevent a mess. To me, this semi permanent line works best on damp hair instead of wet which is suggested on the bottle. Also, for this brand being less than $5 and being available at any beauty supply store, the longevity is amazing. I actually completed this process a month ago my hair is still almost as vibrant and day one. I wash my hair on a weekly basis and the color bleed is very minimal. After I was finished, I used a protein conditioner packet definitely by Aphogee to replace the protein that was removed by the bleaching process.
With any dye job, conditioning is very important which means I need
Note: to get the remaining red out, I used Ardell Red Gold color corrector which toned down the brassy gold and the red tones left behind while bleaching.
* I am not a cosmetologist, nor a student. I simply have done trial and error with my hair over the years and have researched a lot of what not to do lol.

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